Beach Landing

So we dropped off our bags at our San Diego Airbnb around lunchtime and made for the coast. It was a mere 7 miles away. As soon as we saw water at the harbour Susan wanted to stop, take a photo and finish.

Really! She has no principles. Cycle over 2,800 miles and miss the last 4 miles? It reminded me of the time she wanted to take a ferry across Lake Superior and save 7 days cycling or take the ferry to Argentia on Newfoundland and save 2 weeks of cycling. She didn’t win the argument on these days and she didn’t win today. I was her moral compass. Okay, I’m not really but for the one minute discussion I was. 🤠

So here we are on the beach at the Pacific Ocean after 2,833 miles.

So how does it feel to be finished after another long cycle? Well, much the same as we felt in St John’s and Sydney. There’s just a quiet tired satisfaction it’s finally over. No great fireworks or elation. No self congratulation. It’s job done, we move on and tomorrow just becomes a day when we don’t have to cycle.

That evening, however, was the night where I could go into a San Diego craft beer bar and ask the barman which of the draft taps is local. He replied they have nearly a hundred taps and most are local. After months of drinking Bud Light I can tell you I nearly cried!

That said, we didn’t have a party as Susan was asleep by 9pm. I wanted to awaken her and get back for all those early mornings Sgt Major Sunrise cracked the whip but I don’t think even a marching band could have woken her.

We thoroughly enjoyed our journey through the southern states of America. Few people think such a way to travel is enjoyable but, thankfully, we have met on our travels through Canada, Australia and now America, lots of wonderful cyclists who think like us, enjoy life like us for a few weeks and love the adventure of long distance touring.

Every day brings adventure, small or big, and I guarantee there are few of those cyclists who won’t look back and think of these days as amongst the best of their lives. The quality of life can be judged by the stories you can tell and cycle touring certainly gives you memories to value. To everyone we have met on our tours – keep cycling! ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’.

Okay back to the practical. So the wheels held up once the spokes were replaced and we had a nice round number of 20 punctures. Apart from a leaking gear lever that was sorted by tightening a screw we had no other mechanical issues. The bike is engineered and built to last. We really do put it through some punishment on the road.

After the beach we cycled the few miles back to the Airbnb. We were tired and very weary. At the corner of our street I saw a sign and took a photograph in the fading afternoon light.

So we did.

9 thoughts on “Beach Landing

  1. Hi Cliff & Susan, a belated congratulations on your successful journey…great achievement !

    How are you settling into the temporary reality of home life ? We’re struggling a little, particularly getting motivated. Still there’s always the next adventure. Hope you are both well & happy. Have a fabulous 2019.

    Will & Jenny. 😀👍🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️


  2. Going to miss your Adventure storytelling it was lovely to hear how you coped with the challenges. I admire your courage and determination to overcome all that you encountered daily. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon. Take care Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. XX


  3. Congratulations, Clif and Susan! Another epic coast-to-coast completed. Chapeau! We’ve all enjoyed reading your blog over the last few months, both the photos and observations of life on the road. Boys are excited to hear that McDonald’s and sodas are a part of daily rations and therefore want to sign up for your next trip 🙂 All’s well on HVT. Wishing you a safe journey home.

    Incidentally, I’ve just finished reading Mark Beaumont’s account of his first cycle round the world (195 days in late 2007/early 2008). He subsequently smashed that record last year cycling 18,000+ miles in 78.5 days averaging 240+miles a day. Incredible. Quite coincidentally, I bumped into him briefly yesterday afternoon in Inverleith Park when he retrieved one of the boys’ wayward footballs. Had a nice short conversation with him – seems like a regular guy but with a talent, clearly, for pushing himself unbelievably hard on a bike.


    1. Hi Rob, Morag and the boys. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. Yes tell the boys we can attest to the fact that McDonalds is an essential eating option and should be guaranteed every time they go cycling 🤠. Yes Mark is a phenomenal endurance cycling talent and his accomplishments are probably not fully appreciated. Looking forward to getting home early December. I hope you have been making sure that Craig has cut the grass 🤠


    1. Thanks Martin. Seems a long time since we rode the highways of Florida together. We appreciate you keeping in touch and following. Hope you’re now beginning to think about your next cycle journey 🤠


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